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Four Sisters

Four sisters doing their own thing…

Four Sisters _ Face Photography

“Having a great photo was essential”

An appreciative client made this comment after his daughter’s painting was one of 38 chosen out of 200 entries for a Fringe competition this year. 

They attempted to photograph the portrait themselves but were not happy with the result. A list-minute request to ask Face Photography to take the photograph was made and this brought much relief and satisfaction to the talented artist.

Congratulations Margie-we hope you will be awarded with The Emma Hack prize for your amazing depiction!

Margie Hookway_Face Photography

Show opens 11th Feb at the Adelaide Festival Centre 

Foundation 21 Session

It’s a delight to photograph youngsters who express themselves freely…


Face Photography Foundation 21

Business Milestone

face photography 1000th client

My photography career has been a rewarding journey and

Face Photography has achieved a business milestone-1000 clients! 

1000th client celebration

Madison Homes was our 1000th client and we enjoyed a morning tea together to mark the occasion.

Who can refuse good coffee and good cake?


1000th client celebration
1000th client celebration

I look forward to celebrating with my 2000th client!

Congratulations Too!

The winner of our Vintage Kids colouring contest won a Vintage Kids photo session as well as a bike!  Congratulations!

Face Photography Colouring in Winner

It’s great to have the parents and grandparents and even great-great grandparents come along to enjoy the session.  Sometimes all the attention can be distracting for the child but in this case, the little girl simply interacted with all the props and toys and she had fun. The shady park setting was the ideal place for her to relax and explore the surroundings with her vintage props.


Stimulating a child’s imagination in this way can be a rewarding experience.

Vintage Kids Face Photography

Personal Photography Requests…

Sometimes clients ask for a specific look to their photographs.  For example, an object can be highlighted white the rest of the photo is in black and white. 

Personal Photography Request_Face Photography


How many photos have you saved on your electronic devices?  Hundreds, Thousands?  An Internet pioneer warns that your photos can be lost because they may not be readable in the future.  His advice is to print your precious photos now.

(See article by Michael Zhang published 17/2/15.)

Print Print Print

Wedding Couple

Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Is this the fairest couple of all?

Mirror Wedding Photos_921- 299_Special.jpg



Photography sessions are bonding sessions…

Photographing Twins.

It's always a joy photographing twins!