Happy Customer...

This is what my client said after she displayed her family portrait...

“Finally got it framed and it looks stunning!”

Clients Photos

Clients Photos

A Summer's Day

A sunny day at the beach with a cool summer breeze was the opportune time for a photo shoot.  The sound of the gentle waves rolling onto the sand gave a serene experience for the family and allowed to recapture the moment on camera. 


Film Negatives to Digital Process… Part 4

The wedding album is complete!

Now this couple can view their photographs in an album instead of shuffling through them individually.  So while I was not the photographer on this occasion, I was able to use current technology to produce an album for them.  Will this project inspire anyone to look for abandoned negatives and give them a new life?

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A Treasure Box...

A ‘Box of Treasures’ takes on another meaning when a collection of matted photographs is kept in a shiny box.


Face Photography shiny box

Group Photo Adelaide

No matter how many times you take a group photo, it's always a quest for achieving balance.


group photo adelaide

Professional photography business based in Adelaide, with a wide range of photographic services.

Staff Members’ Head Shots…

Giving attention to grooming is an important part of this type of photo session.

For example, no one wants to see a lop-sided tie on a person’s professional business card!

Staff Members’ Head Shots…

Foundation 21 photo session

Again we had an opportunity to photograph these wonderful teenagers for foundation 21. They are a great group of ambassadors for this organisation. We had such a great time!    


Blooming Daisies

The warm weather was a welcomed change to the wet cyclone weather. Despite the sunny conditions, the photo-shoot provided an intimate moment with the family. The natural and friendly environment of the family saw a relaxing and enjoyable session. As I scouted the area for potential scenes, I considered how the family would react, and how the composition would work. 

Blooming Daisies_facephotography

The photo shows the attentiveness of the children, and the joy that comes with working with children.

- Andre Crisci 

Gallery Makeover

Face Photography’s gallery is currently undergoing a transformation.  After painting the rooms and rearranging and minimising the furniture, this update will enhance the display of our best recent portraits. Here is a preview…

Gallery Makeover

How To Renovate A Photograph…

When a framed team photograph fell of the wall, a request from the sport club was made asking if it was possible to restore it.  This is what was presented to me…

How To Renovate A Photograph

Have you ever dropped your mobile phone and shattered the glass?  It’s an “Oh no!” moment but you resolve to keep the phone anyway.  In a similar way, I noted that the photo could be restored despite the damage the shattered glass had caused.  Part of the photo was attached to the glass, potentially making the damage worse as I attempted to detach it. (It was like taking a band aid off a wound!)

After scanning and a few hours of editing the photo, this was the result….

How To Renovate A Photograph

The lesson?

It’s always a good idea to:

1.     Ask a professional framer to frame your photograph.  Your photo will be air-tight not allowing moisture to come between the glass and the print.

2.     Order a non-reflective glass which reduces the chance of shattering it.

3.     Display your portrait securely.

The desire to preserve the history of the club’s team portraits was satisfied when the restored photograph was presented.






Film Negatives to Digital Process… Part 3

It appears that some dilemmas never change.  Deciding which colour to have as a background is just as challenging as it ever was in the era of film. It’s satisfying to see that both colours work well so it all comes down to personal preference.

White or Black Album Page

White or Black Album Page

Stay tuned for more highlights…

★★★★★Face Photography Review

“Your easy going nature and ability to connect with the kids showed through in the photographs as they were completely at ease and were happy and relaxed and enjoyed playing with the props. We are so happy with the final product; we have got all of our prints proudly on display and have received many wonderful compliments. We would not hesitate in recommending you to any of our friends and family.”

July 2016 Janie from Hove

Photo provided by client

Photo provided by client

Photo provided by client

Photo provided by client


Aipp SA awards day

It was a privilege to be asked to be a judge for the AIPP Awards this year.

There are many talented photographers in SA who displayed their entries among over 450 photographs.

Congratulations to all the winners!

View winning photographs here