What Is Evidence Photography?

When a person is injured either through an accident or surgery, they may want to make someone accountable for this injury.  After a medical assessment, often photographic evidence of the injury is also needed to support a claim.

Face Photography understands the sensitive nature of personal injury photography.  We make it our aim to make the client feel comfortable and relaxed by being efficient during the session, not taking more time than we need to.  The privacy and dignity of the client is respected throughout the whole process.

Depending on the condition of the client, a photographic session can take place at the client’s home or at our studio or at another nominated location.  It can last 30-60 minutes.  An assistant places a ruler on the body part where the injury is to show the measurement of the damage.

For protection and comfort, an extra person may want to be present at the session.


After a request is received, I speak with the lawyer to confirm a date and location.  The lawyer confirms these with the client.

After the session takes place, the photographs are then sent to the law firm.  A report is also prepared and sent which outlines the equipment used.  A body graphic report also shows which image numbers match the section of the body photographed. (See sample reports.)

Hard copy prints or digital files can be requested during the consultation with us and the lawyer.

Service Fee...

A set fee of $330 will be charged.  The invoice will be sent to the law firm via email.  If two locations are required, the fee will be $550.  (Hard copy prints will incur an extra fee depending on the size and quantity of the photographs.)

The number of photographs depends on the injuries sustained.  All images are kept at our studio and the privacy of the client is protected.

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