Vintage Kids Photography - Keeping Memories Alive

Do you still remember how imperfect old pictures from analog and film cameras were? At the dawn of the digital age, HD and high megapixel cameras would allow you to take almost perfect pictures. But it couldn’t be denied that those ‘imperfections’ of old photographs have the incredible power to bring us to the past – to the exact moment that picture was taken.

For decades, people did there very best to make pictures become more real than ever. When everything started with black and white, colored photos was just a mere dream. Now that it is a reality, technologies to make photos look vintage and antiquated are continued to be developed as well. This is all because time seems to slip away so fast and the world is changing without us even noticing it.

An old song tells us to keep time in a bottle. But let’s give a little magic touch and keep time in a picture – a vintage photograph! Keep your memories with your children through vintage kids photography. During the photo shoot for vintage images, your kids will be dressed in an old-fashioned way to enhance the sentimental and nostalgic feel of the moment. Various props will also be used during the shoot and surely, your kids will enjoy the overall experience. 

The warm, monochromatic light tones of vintage photos will make them look old. So one day, when you get a glimpse of that photo, you will distant memories from the past will be reminisced and it would seem like you will had been brought to the exact moment the picture was captured.

Face Photography offers this unique service.  The ideal age for your child to participate is between 2 and 8 years old.  This old-world look is recreated while the children enjoy the dressing-up experience.

Capture those cherished moments of your children while they are still all yours as kids. Soon enough, they will learn to stand on their own feet and eventually, they will have their own kids as well. Let these vintage photos be the mark that would make you reminisce today as tomorrow’s yesterday.  These memories are timeless and invaluable.

Vintage Kids Photography