Does Face Photography produce photos for funeral parlours?

Memorial Photographs

Planning a farewell service for a loved one is a sad but honourable duty.  Selecting an appropriate photograph for their final resting place will be a permanent reminder of who is being honoured.

For a headstone photograph, most funeral parlours need an 8 x 10” photograph. This will ensure that a person’s facial details can be reproduced. The photo needs to be sharp and clear, mainly a close up of the person’s head and shoulders. 

For example, the photo can be sent to Europe where experts will scale it down and then etch the image onto a stone or granite tile. The final size is usually 4 x 3”.  The finished tile is then attached to the headstone. 

With a bit of foresight, a photo session with this purpose in mind can be done quickly and tastefully.

If this is something you have thought of doing, consider an appropriate environment such as a park, proper attire and grooming.