How To Renovate A Photograph…

When a framed team photograph fell of the wall, a request from the sport club was made asking if it was possible to restore it.  This is what was presented to me…

How To Renovate A Photograph

Have you ever dropped your mobile phone and shattered the glass?  It’s an “Oh no!” moment but you resolve to keep the phone anyway.  In a similar way, I noted that the photo could be restored despite the damage the shattered glass had caused.  Part of the photo was attached to the glass, potentially making the damage worse as I attempted to detach it. (It was like taking a band aid off a wound!)

After scanning and a few hours of editing the photo, this was the result….

How To Renovate A Photograph

The lesson?

It’s always a good idea to:

1.     Ask a professional framer to frame your photograph.  Your photo will be air-tight not allowing moisture to come between the glass and the print.

2.     Order a non-reflective glass which reduces the chance of shattering it.

3.     Display your portrait securely.

The desire to preserve the history of the club’s team portraits was satisfied when the restored photograph was presented.