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Hard Cover Booklet - Weddings

We provide a hard cover booklet of all the photographs taken on your special wedding day. Congratulations to Blake and Larissa on their day.

Novotel Barossa Valley

What a great time we had photographing this wedding. One setting for the ceremony and reception made my assignment more enjoyable. Thank you Novotel Barossa Valley.


Restoring Old Photographs

Family trees can be greatly enhanced when an image of the person is included.  So if you find an old, worn-out photo, arrange to have it restored and enlarged to suit your needs.  Future generations can enjoy the names and images and see if any family members have inherited the facial characteristics of their ancestors.

Restoring Old Photographs

Black and White Photography is timeless.

No matter what technological advances are made in the world of photography, a black and white portrait is timeless.

1054-22-Black and White photography.jpg

New Website Layout

Check out our new layout.... Large pictures and easy to find ...

Film Negatives to Digital Process… Part 4

The wedding album is complete!

Now this couple can view their photographs in an album instead of shuffling through them individually.  So while I was not the photographer on this occasion, I was able to use current technology to produce an album for them.  Will this project inspire anyone to look for abandoned negatives and give them a new life?

Here is a link to our previous stories...

A Treasure Box...

A ‘Box of Treasures’ takes on another meaning when a collection of matted photographs is kept in a shiny box.


Face Photography shiny box

Staff Members’ Head Shots…

Giving attention to grooming is an important part of this type of photo session.

For example, no one wants to see a lop-sided tie on a person’s professional business card!

Staff Members’ Head Shots…

Foundation 21 photo session

Again we had an opportunity to photograph these wonderful teenagers for foundation 21. They are a great group of ambassadors for this organisation. We had such a great time!    


Film Negatives to Digital Process… Part 2

The digital version of the film negatives was produced and I performed the usual task of cropping and enhancing the best photos.  The couple chose their favourite ones to include in the album.  It was so much fun reminiscing about fashion and wedding trends of the day!

Film Negatives to Digital Process_Face Photography

Stay tuned for more highlights…

Film Negatives to Digital Process…

Did you know that photos can be reproduced from negatives using a digital process?

Film Negatives to Digital Process_Face Photography

I am currently working on a project to provide a wedding album for a couple who had a friend take photographs of their wedding twenty years ago.  So far the negatives have been converted to digital format.

Watch this space for updates….

JDRF Gala Ball…

JDRF Gala Ball_Face Photography

The inaugural JDRF Gala Ball was a successful event as its aim was to achieve significant donations to fund the research for a cure for childhood Type 1 Diabetes.

JDRF Gala Ball_Face Photography

A progress report on the latest potential remedies was delivered and this gave hope to many parents and children present.

JDRF Gala Ball_Face Photography

It was a privilege for Face Photography to be the official photographer for the event.

JDRF Gala Ball_Face Photography

“Having a great photo was essential”

An appreciative client made this comment after his daughter’s painting was one of 38 chosen out of 200 entries for a Fringe competition this year. 

They attempted to photograph the portrait themselves but were not happy with the result. A list-minute request to ask Face Photography to take the photograph was made and this brought much relief and satisfaction to the talented artist.

Congratulations Margie-we hope you will be awarded with The Emma Hack prize for your amazing depiction!

Margie Hookway_Face Photography

Show opens 11th Feb at the Adelaide Festival Centre 

Foundation 21 Session

It’s a delight to photograph youngsters who express themselves freely…


Face Photography Foundation 21

Business Milestone

face photography 1000th client

My photography career has been a rewarding journey and

Face Photography has achieved a business milestone-1000 clients! 

1000th client celebration

Madison Homes was our 1000th client and we enjoyed a morning tea together to mark the occasion.

Who can refuse good coffee and good cake?


1000th client celebration
1000th client celebration

I look forward to celebrating with my 2000th client!

Do you have a studio?

We often get this question when people ring us.  Our answer is that we have a studio for passport photos, individual business portraits, maternity and baby sessions and evidence photography for personal injuries.  For group/family shoots, we recommend outdoor locations or using another indoor setting, even the clients’ homes.

face photography studio