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Hard Cover Booklet - Weddings

We provide a hard cover booklet of all the photographs taken on your special wedding day. Congratulations to Blake and Larissa on their day.

Nature Provides Marvelous Backgrounds

An amazing setting for a family portrait, Maslin Beach never disappoints…


Novotel Barossa Valley

What a great time we had photographing this wedding. One setting for the ceremony and reception made my assignment more enjoyable. Thank you Novotel Barossa Valley.


Film Negatives to Digital Process… Part 4

The wedding album is complete!

Now this couple can view their photographs in an album instead of shuffling through them individually.  So while I was not the photographer on this occasion, I was able to use current technology to produce an album for them.  Will this project inspire anyone to look for abandoned negatives and give them a new life?

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Photography sessions are bonding sessions…

Photographing Twins.

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