A Summer's Day

A sunny day at the beach with a cool summer breeze was the opportune time for a photo shoot.  The sound of the gentle waves rolling onto the sand gave a serene experience for the family and allowed to recapture the moment on camera. 


Group Photo Adelaide

No matter how many times you take a group photo, it's always a quest for achieving balance.


group photo adelaide

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Four Sisters

Four sisters doing their own thing…

Four Sisters _ Face Photography


How many photos have you saved on your electronic devices?  Hundreds, Thousands?  An Internet pioneer warns that your photos can be lost because they may not be readable in the future.  His advice is to print your precious photos now.

(See article by Michael Zhang published 17/2/15.)

Print Print Print

Do you have a studio?

We often get this question when people ring us.  Our answer is that we have a studio for passport photos, individual business portraits, maternity and baby sessions and evidence photography for personal injuries.  For group/family shoots, we recommend outdoor locations or using another indoor setting, even the clients’ homes.

face photography studio